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We're here to help you finance your Minimal Living Concept project with the JFQ Lending, LLC exclusive Equity Access Granted Loan (EAGL) Product.

  • Financing projects up to $250,000.
  • The EAGL 133 offers financing up to 133% of your home's current value and can be leveraged for just about any home improvement project you can imagine. 
  • Homeowners with plenty of equity utilize the EAGL 100, which doesn't require a stated purpose for the funds.
  • With both EAGL products, you'll enjoy receiving your funds all at once. No stage-by-stage funding.
  • EAGL products offer loan terms of 25 years*, with ultra-competitive rates.
Learn more about the EAGL, only from JFQ Lending

The Equity Access Granted Loan (EAGL) Product, is a JFQ Lending exclusive loan product. With an EAGL, you can borrow against the current value of your home without changing the terms of your first mortgage. Our multi-purpose EAGL 100 can go up to 100% combined loan-to-value (CLTV). If home improvements are your goal, then our EAGL 133 can get you up to 133% of your home's CLTV!

EAGLs typically have a quick and streamlined review and approval process with the ability to access more of your home's value. 

While our EAGL programs do not have the same specific income, asset, and credit qualifying criteria as a traditional mortgage, they do require that we take your entire financial picture into consideration.

Individual product availability and pricing can vary based on your credit scores and your combined loan-to-value (CLTV) ratio. As with other loan types, having a higher credit score and a lower loan-to-value typically offers the best pricing.

Key Guidelines 

  • Loan amounts range from $70K to $250K.
  • Interest-Only Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Any loan purpose, except purchasing the home securing the loan.
  • Eligible properties include most single-family detached, duplex, condominium, townhouse, and planned unit development properties.

For the EAGL 100 program: 

  • Primary residences must be owner-occupied at least 30 days prior to application.
  • Second homes are eligible for up to 85% combined loan-to-value financing options.

For the EAGL 133 program:

  • Primary residences only, and you must occupy the property at least 30 days prior to application.
  • Funding home improvement projects only, including major appliances as part of a kitchen remodel. Fully executed contracts with valid/verifiable contractor's license info are required and bids or paid receipts within 60 days of application may be acceptable.

HELOC vs. EAGL Product

Opening a home equity line of credit HELOC is a direct access point for your home's equity, without making any changes to your first mortgage. HELOCs are typically structured with an initial interest-only draw period of up to 10 years where you can tap into your home equity, pay back the loan, and tap into the equity again if you want. Once the initial draw period is over, the loan enters the adjustable-rate repayment period for up to 20 years. 

An EAGL product brings together higher combined loan-to-value access to your equity with an introductory Interest-Only Adjustable Rate Mortgage followed by a 20-year repayment period with a monthly fixed rate and payment. Unlike a HELOC, the EAGL has a one-time disbursement of all the loan funds at the beginning. 

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This offer is for the EAGL 100 and EAGL 133 Second Mortgage Programs. All other offers will have different terms.

*The advertised loan is a 5-Year Interest-Only Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) followed by a 20-Year amortizing term. The total term of the loan is 25 years. The Interest-Only period is for the first 5 years of the loan and will adjust annually based on a margin and index. After the Interest-Only Period ends, the ARM will convert to a Fixed Rate Mortgage for the remaining 20-year loan term with a regular monthly payment of both principal and interest. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the initial Interest-Only Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) period is {APR} based on a {RATE} introductory rate with a $100,000 loan amount. The APR example is for a variable interest rate. Click here for a full payment example. Example is based upon a FICO Score of {exampleFICO}. A minimum {minFICO} Score of 660 on a primary residence is required for the EAGL 100 and EAGL 133 Programs. The actual interest rate, APR, and payment may vary based on the specific terms of the loan selected, verification of information, your credit history, the location and type of property, and other factors as determined by JFQ Lending, LLC. Not available in all states. Rate is as of {date} and is subject to change at any time without notice. JFQ Lending, LLC, NMLS ID# 1639493, is not affiliated with any government agency.